This course 2016/2017 Our center project has revolved around the great writer

Caricature RoaldROALD DAHL.

A fantastic collaborative work in which families, teachers and students have participated and through which we have all learned little or much about this character.

Apart from serving as a nexus for many activities carried out in and out of the classroom individually, in small or large group took place many others, as a small example or guide we leave some links.

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  • Blogs of the teachers where some teacher has also collected the activities carried out with their own students/as.
  • The teachers took advantage of the carnival to characterize the characters of the books they were working with their students.
  • Game “Roald Dahl Go” through an augmented reality game the students had to find out, through the mobile or tablet, questions and answers about the books of Roald Dahl.