From 6 to 12 years old

The Primary Education stage comprises from the age of 6 to 12 years. It has a mandatory character. Throughout this stage they achieve a comprehensive formation through reading, calculation, oral and written expression, study, cultural and artistic manifestations…

The learning system is dynamic and based on the action and experimentation of students. We want to convey to them the taste to learn how to create in them the illusion of working.

We have a multilingual Spanish-Galician-English immersion. Active Teaching. They learn by doing, discovering and investigating with autonomy and security.

Learn from reality: multiple activities, visits and excursions. Know the geography, the historical events where they occurred, etc.

Use of laboratories, specialized classrooms (music, theater, nature classrooms, iClass, LEGO Innovation Studio …), ICTs: tablets, computers, use of Interactive Digital Boards.

Incorporation of values and habits of coexistence in the daily life of the School with special emphasis on COOPERATION. Absolute motivation towards the pleasure of learning and living in various languages. The greatest motivational technique is success.

Collaborative work. Videoconferences with students from other cities. Application of multiple intelligences.

Sport, team integration. Together, the joys and satisfactions are greater.

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