STOPlastics is the centre project chosen to carry out during the 2019/2020 school year.

It was born with the main objective of raising awareness and mobilizing the educational community for the reduction of plastic in daily life.

Climate change is the biggest challenge of our time and we are now at a turning point in doing something about it. We are still in time to tackle climate change, but this will require unprecedented effort by all sectors of society. (NU-2019)

We begin at “World Climate Action Week” with TEACHERS FOR FUTURE SPAIN with the following programme of activities:

From Teachers for Future Spain,we are invited to participate in the program “RECREOS RESIDUO ZERO” that will start this 2019/2020 course.

This program consists of motivating students so that there is no residue in their lunches or snacks, or the minimum possible. To do this, they must use returnable containers such as lunch boxes for solids and water canteens in order to remove plastic bottles and single-use containers such as plastics, aluminum foil, etc.

Given that the first “R” in ecology is REDUCTION, teachers have an important role to play in encouraging this waste reduction in a simple way.

A new measure for the reduction of plastics. We have purchased some cups to supply the old plastic cups.

We celebrate the Samain/Halloween but without forgetting our commitment

We used plastic to decorate the Christmas murals

We’re still working on the Reuse “R.” This time for the decoration of the School Day of Peace and Non-Violence

The teachers in the Entroido entrenching the project

Recoñecemento ao traballo.

Recoñecemento ao traballo.