Colexio Luis Vives welcomes you to its website.

We are a private-concerted, secular, multilingual cooperative with mixed-day education.

Our educational offer ranges from 3 to 16 years old; Including the Pre-Compulsory stage (ed. Infantil) and compulsory education (elementary ed. and compulsory secondary ed.). Throughout our trajectory, we have managed to train people who are committed to themselves and to society.

The trait that characterizes us is to offer a teaching based on cooperation and a personalized education as the best alternative for the development of an optimal teaching-learning process. High-quality formative action together with the formation of values such as respect, effort, enthusiasm and commitment are our main objectives.

Course organization chart 19-20

Horario October-May

Schedule September and June

Pre-Complusory (Ed.Infantil) and Elementaty (Ed Primaria)


15:20-17:00 (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday)

E. S. O


16:20-18:00 (Monday)

Pre-Complusory (Ed.Infantil) and Elementaty (Ed Primaria)



E. S. O




Due to the situation caused by COVID19 the schedules have been able to undergo variations.

For more information you can contact the center.



We inform you that, both for the activities of Psychomotor (ed. Infantil) Physical Education (ed. Elementary and ESO) and for the exits of the center of all the stages, it is obligatory the use of the official tracksuit of the school.

  • The books have to bring them the first days of classes in a bag with their name and surname (the name in the bag, never in the books if there is any mistake so they can change)
  • Toys and school materials of any kind cannot be brought, except for workbooks.
  • The food for the mid-morning will be adequate to the nutritional needs of each child, avoiding treats.
  • To drink, you can bring a plastic glass in a cloth bag with your name on it.
  • Drift with the name and surname.
  • Clothes that are comfortable, strapless and belts.
  • The backpack and outerwear with the name.
  • Bring a molt in a bag with the name that will remain in the class.
  • For The classes of psychomotors will bring sports shoes, the tracksuit and the T-shirt of the school to be used also for the outings and excursions:
  • In Elementary School For Physical Education classes will bring sports shoes, tracksuit and the school T-shirt to be used also for outings and excursions.

  • The use of mobile devices (telephones, tablet, smartwatches,..) is limited to targeted activities and must remain off during school hours.
  • In High School For Physical Education classes will bring sports shoes, tracksuit and school T-shirt.