luis vives CPR plurilingüe

Our educational project

Our curriculum is based on multilingual training so that students can also study, acquire a level of knowledge in languages that allows them to speak, read and write fluently in Spanish and English.


Childhood Education

In our center the 2nd cycle of the Infant Stage is implanted, with the purpose of the integral and harmonious development of the girl and the boy in the different planes: physical, motor, emotional, affective, social and cognitive.


Primary Education

In CPR LUIS VIVES Primary Education is based on the following pillars: A dynamic learning system governed by action and experimentation on the part of students. A comprehensive education highlighting the importance of social, artistic, cultural values,... The solid acquisition of skills and work habits Learning strong academic knowledge that will be the basis of your future studies. We encourage research, experimentation, information search and carrying out group and individual tasks


Secondary education

In the LUIS VIVES CPR, the most significant objectives for the Secondary Stage are: To develop basic skills in the use of the various sources of information in order to, with a critical sense, acquire new knowledge. Acquire a basic preparation in the field of technologies, especially those of information and communication. To develop and consolidate habits of discipline, study and individual and team work as a necessary condition for the effective completion of learning tasks and as a means of personal development. Strengthen their affective capacities in all areas of personality and in their relationships with other people