From 12 to 16 years old. Compulsory education.

The most significant objectives for the Secondary Stage are:

  • To develop basic skills in the use of the various sources of information in order to, with a critical sense, acquire new knowledge.
  • Acquire a basic preparation in the field of technologies, especially those of information and communication.
  • To develop and consolidate habits of discipline, study and individual and team work as a necessary condition for the effective completion of learning tasks and as a means of personal development.
  • Strengthen their affective capacities in all areas of personality and in their relationships with other people.

An immersion and curricular work in Spanish, Galician, English and French and an Active Teaching make students finish Secondary with high levels of languages.

They learn to discover, to investigate, to organize their thinking, to expose, to present, to debate …
COOPERATIVE, experiential learning, multiple intelligences, digital support, volunteer actions.
Initiation to the scientific method.

Great emphasis on laboratory work. Learning from experience.
Study tours in Spain and abroad. Direct knowledge of reality: countries, geography, museums, theaters, companies, history …
Flexibility in content, hours, groups and spaces.

External qualification tests. Official examination center of: Trinity.

Professional orientation. Entrepreneurship workshops, group dynamics, conferences …

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