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Routes Colexio LUIS Vives

  3. Zamora Av. (Vasco Díaz Tanco)
  4. Bonhome Street (Cruce Nosa Sra. Do Viso)
  5. Xardín do Posío
  6. Portuguese Av. (Super Here)
  7. Av. de PORTUGAL (Alvarez Cranes)
  8. Calle NICOMEDES PASTOR DÍAZ (next to hairdresser)
  9. PLACE OF THE LEGION (Carballeira)
  12. FINCA FIERRO (Rúa Milladorio)
  13. FINCA FIERRO (Rúa Valdomiño)
  14. VALENZÁ (VIAQUA Front)
  15. VALENZÁ (A Farola)
  16. VALENZÁ (A Cova do Sabio)

Departure from the first stop (pending review for course 22/23)

*Presentation Thursday, September 8, the departure will be from the first stop at ??:?? h.

*From SEPTEMBER 9 (included) departure from the first stop at 8:10 h.

TimetableMonday to Friday

EARLY CARE SERVICE from 7:15 a.m. to 9:15 a.m. (from 06:45 upon request)

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Extracurricular activities

The center offers extracurricular activities recreational-educational, artistic and sports for our students.

The School Management has subscribed with a reference Medical Center a school insurance for its students. In the event of any eventuality, which requires health care, the student must show up at Medical Center with a Secretariat form.

The DO is an organ formed by a multidisciplinary team that is integrated into the educational activity of the school, and that articulates the functions of educational orientation, support to the tutorial work and the teaching-learning process. It is a resource to help all members of the educational community. Advises, collaborates and supports the work of the center and the whole of teachers in all those actions aimed at ensuring and promoting a comprehensive training of students of all educational stages. Access Blog

The digital platform is a communication portal between the family and the school.

Our ATE is responsible for providing our students with basic care that they may need (changes in clothing, drug Administration, health care, travel support,…

The center’s teachers offer a personalized educational reinforcement for free outside of school hours.